The Call

The doctor, being a person of habit would start his day with a walk and a session of laughter therapy with his friends from the complex. Walking back, he would discuss the various problems the nation faces and the importance of spending one’s youth effectively. The doctor would return just in time for his filter kaapi and the ritual of reading the paper in the reverse starting from the sports section. Janaki amma would then keep his bath ready while Venky would pluck flowers from the garden and keep it ready for the doctor to perform puja. 

The doctor, with his forehead adorned with the sacred ash in no specific symmetry would then have his breakfast of oats and would walk to meet his neighbour Mr. Sabapathy. They would then become the voice of the nation and discuss stuffs ranging from Barrack Obama to the next door Nithya maami, Indian Cricket to Indira Maamis Kaarakozhambu etc….

A typical day of the doctor would constitute of the aforementioned ways of time pass, the routine lunch, evening kaapi, snacks, dinner. A few other Time-pass activities like a game of chess/snakes and ladders/trading of pandas that you get from Cadbury Gems/a couple of games on the PS3 and so on would further complete his day. This was what happened everyday for the past couple of years ,except for the 2nd sunday of every month. 

Today was the 2nd Sunday of December and the doctor seemed all agitated right from the morning. Venky was getting am earful for not getting his white shirt ironed properly. Janaki amma had to intervene and talk sense into the doctor and pacify him. The doctor was getting anxious and was fidgeting around his special custom made Titan watch gifted to him by one of his illustrious patients. Janaki amma was advising Venky to accompany the doctor to the living room and keep him company, when the phone rang from outside the doctor’s chambers

The doctor was all smiles. He walked faster with Janaki Amma and Venky in tow with a spring in his step and a cheerful aura around him. 

Mr.Sabapathy answered the phone and said ” Good Day, Paradise Home For the Aged… Oh hello Dr.Arun.. One second” and handed the phone to the doctor who couldnt stop smiling with his moistened eyes. 


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