lights… camera… laugh

When one is 17 or for that matter even 11, a guy does all he can to impress a girl he really likes. He suddenly seems to be in awe of nature, writes poems, sketches portraits and the like to catch her attention without being overbearin or switching on the stalker mode

if he’s not able to come to a conclusion regarding the particular girl he wants to impress, then shooting first and then later fixing the target seems to be the most followed method….
Towards the end of my school life this seemed to be the most important reason to attend school because academically I wasnt going anywhere and my parents had also resigned to the fact that their son atleast passing the boards would be all the gods answering their prayers….
I have made many unfortunate decisions in my life… my decision to take biology as my elective and having hopes to become a doctor would probably rank in the top 3 screwups I have made… I couldn’t draw any cross sections properly or recollect the scientific names even if my life depended on it… I started spending most of the time after classes and the intervals in the neighbouring commerce sections and I can truthfully say that it was because of the friendship I nurtured with certain students there and also because it helped fuel my aim in school….

It was this fruitful association that led to probably the single most comic outing I had encountered in class 12 if the SPL elections and the results dont count…
You see am not exactly the kind of person who quotes one Mr.Shakespeare on a daily basis, but the engleesh speaking ishtyle was very much part of the girl impressing attempt. So when my friend brought about this proposal of performing ‘Taming of the Shrew’ on stage I asked him to atleast give me an ‘American mappillai’ role.

Finally the rehearsals started.  There are a lot of memorable moments from those few weeks. Pretty good friendships were forged. The rehearsals were so much fun that at any given time there would be a set of cast members laughing their a** off. The onlookers really thought we were part of a hilarious comic caper. The days passed and slowly ala rang de basanti  everyone got serious with their acting

The D-Day arrived and the usual all the bests. .. set the stage on fire wishes were flying around. We were done with our play and the result was not in our favour which unfortunately didnt surprise anyone. I personally felt there were some genuinely awesome performances and brilliant music. The audience surely would have thought a part of the cast including yours truly might have offered the director a few favours  (not at all in quotes) to be a part of this Magnum Opus.

Well coming back to whether I accomplished my aim…. NO…I didnt impress anyone that I know of with my engleesh skills or the angry young man routine. Not that i expected girls chanting my name and clamouring for autographs but the whole atmosphere seemed a little gloomy. I was walking back to my class where i met a group of girls who were also a reason why I spent time in commerce sections. They sincerely tried to appreciate my acting prowess but I pooh poohed that and I surprisingly scored better on the front that my act of self criticising my oscar worthy performance got more laughs than I expected, which actually kinda hurt but laughing at myself before giving someone else that honour improved my sense of humour to a considerable extent. A conscious effort in the beginning that transcended into a skill later. I understood how well humour works and every one of my SWOT analysis listed humour as my strength.  I credit Dr.Kamalhassan, Crazy Mohan, Nagesh, Chandler Bing and Goundermani for the humour in me and in its very own way ‘taming of the shrew’ too.

So I cracked up the girls I wanted to impress, made them forget everything and laugh, for that is one thing I could do with much confidence. As I grew older so did my understanding that only laughs doesnt guarantee anything except a cemented friendzoning. I seem to never learn and am hell bent on making my own Mistakes in various forms and locations but not quite learning from them… so kya karein except to quote our very own Pepsi Uma

” keep trying… keep on trying…. better luck next time”

P.S. later I did come to know that there were rumours spread among a small circle that I was already seeing someone from the cast so I wasnt available….. goyya kaila kedacha kaima thaan… #TrueStory


3 thoughts on “lights… camera… laugh

  1. Haha! This was hilarious 🙂

    But I agree with you on the fact that we should learn to laugh at ourselves (before others snatch that opportunity). And hi-five on Chandler Bing. Could he be any smarter? 🙂


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