The Call II

Bhaskar was getting ready…. Putting on his favorite shirt.. Matching pants and the heavily discounted but supremely stylish sunglasses to go with it. His wife was getting ready while his 3yr old daughter was jumping with joy that she was finally going to watch the biggest entertainer she had come across along the likes of Chotta Bheem and Bal Ganesh – Kkrriisshh ‘3’ . . .
while he was indulging in small talk with the Nair’s next door, his phone sang the gayatri mantra…. He picked up the call from his workplace and was asked to report there in the next 5 minutes. This was the biggest disadvantage of accepting office accommodation… he looked at his wife with the usual look of exasperation and she responded with an all knowing nod and got back to the now routine task of explaining to the kiddo why Pa can’t make it to the film… He rushed to the office and the supervisor threw him the official vehicle keys and asked him to escort the people in this address to the office ASAP… Bhaskar changed into his uniform and drove like a madman…. His mind was filled with despair due to missing out on the very rare occasion he got to spend time with his family and wanted to make it up somehow…. He reached the address as fast as he could vrooming and zooming through the traffic and saw that there were lots of people clamouring for space in the vehicle along with the VIP for whom this mad rush was underway. Bhaskar then had to persuade the not so important people in that group to find alternate transportation… he then honked his way through the ever burgeoning traffic of the city which had its own share of problems and hence obviously oblivious to Bhaskar’s share wasn’t given space on the roads to manouever his vehicle and reach his workplace ASAP as per his supervisors instructions…. Somehow thanks to a few good souls on the streets who understood Bhaskar’s predicament, he reached safely followed by the entourage of ‘alternate transportation’… The higher authorities from the various departments in his workplace then took care of the people in the vehicle…
The VIP in the back of the vehicle was administered the required dosages of medicine and emergency measures were taken and his life was saved…the entourage and all his relatives thanked the Doctors profusely, instantly elevating them to Gods and tears of joy was shed amongst everyone there…

Bhaskar changed back into his favourite shirt, matching pants and the heavily discounted yet supremely stylish sunglasses, walked back to his now empty house with a smile on his lips and a heavy heart…


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