‘Paasamalar’ Revisited. . . .




This is about a girl I know. A beautiful and an extremely lovely girl who grew up in a world whose biggest technological advancement was the Pager system. She spent time learning to walk and run in a loving neighbourhood where they didn’t speak a language she understood. Her parents decided that her education would flourish only in the corridors of a certain school in Madras and the whole family slowly migrated to the capital of Tamilnadu.

She joined the school and bowled everyone over with her vivaciousness and people around couldn’t stop raving about her and how she had to join a school that would propel her to a brighter and better future.

She moved on to a new school and was equally good in the new surroundings, making new friends, becoming an excellent athlete, actively participating in culturals, moulding herself into an artist and silently nurturing the wish to reach The USA. . .

At the home front, she used to love just sitting around watching anything from cartoons to Wrestling on TV, smiling and crying at movies, playing badminton and even cricket at times.

She completed her schooling and passed out with top marks in English and a wonderful aggregate overall, joined an engineering college and did a course of her choice and once again passed out with distinction.

Getting a job was next in the pipeline because the US plan didn’t work out as expected… She did find a nice and interesting career and in the process found something even more special…


Not taking the cue from the regular Tamil Movies, they decided to come clean with their respective parents and one fine day got married after crossing quite a few hurdles (this was typical Tamil movie Ishtyle). . .

A year later she gave birth to an angel who grew up to be the smartest kid I’ve ever known (I come a close 2nd)   

Just as SRK said in OSO… “When you want something with all your heart then the whole world works to make it a reality” (subtitles lerndhu suttadhu). Her dream of going to the Amreeka became a reality and left everything she was familiar with back in India to a place which she loved but had no idea how to survive. But she not just survived; she became a superstar of her group.

She graduated from Maggi to Double Decker Cakes

She grew from her ‘Open was Door’ (a glaring grammatical error that she is still ridiculed by yours truly) times to write a blog about her culinary achievements…

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… She is hearing impaired… I am not mentioning this because I am proud to say that she achieved this and much more even though she had a slight ‘deterrent’…

I swell with pride when I say this because I know that she embraced this challenge and ensured that she lives a life that is no different and in many ways way better than what a ‘normal’ person would.

Growing up with a person who constantly kept the success standard high was tough… As time grew so did the distance between us but I know for sure that her affection and love for me never waned. We used to physically assault each other, swear incessantly, made life miserable for the other at any time possible. Of course had our fun too in the form of recording our voices in the neighbour’s audio cassette, lying to save each other, cooking something using anything edible in the house, playing a variety of board games … We learnt life together…

I may not have been a ‘Pasamalar” Sivaji or “Thirupaachi” Vijay, so i hardly expressed my love for her, not because I didn’t but because I didn’t know how to. But I vividly remember two instances which made me realise how important she was to me and how the adage of not knowing the value of things when they are present was true. Once she left home for the first time to go on a tour with her school friends, I was standing outside the train waving a long goodbye and crying my eyes out, while my Appa tried to pacify me with tinkle and Bar-One Chocolate which surprisingly didn’t work. The second scene was when she was moving to America to start a new life altogether. I saw my Amma and even Appa holding back tears, but when she walked away with my niece in tow towards the immigration I couldn’t resist the urge to shed a tear… It was not a cinematic single tear rolling down the cheek… imagine a hugely grown 20 something guy using his Appa’s kerchief to wipe away tears and going into the restroom suddenly realising that he had an ego to protect


My sister was my first competition, my first friend, my first mortal enemy and probably my first inspiration.

She made me realise the fact that if I have half the determination and self-confidence she has, there is nothing stopping me from achieving what I want to… She along with a couple of friends of mine are the main reason which made me write again (yeah she is also to be blamed for my weekly/fortnightly rants)

I love you… and miss you loads…. And I hope you continue growing in a way which breaks all misconceptions about people who are physically challenged. May the world realise that every person irrespective of their challenges are the same and everyone is to be treated with respect/love, not pity/fake compassion and most importantly realise that hearing impaired people CAN talk…

By the way…… Happy 30th …… and a happy anniversary to you and Karthik anna… I look at you guys and I understand that when there is so much love between people, minor arguments and squabbles don’t matter much in the long run.


P.S. It is high time even regional language movies are subtitled when showed on atleast select screens…


3 thoughts on “‘Paasamalar’ Revisited. . . .

  1. Gowthami

    Unlimited 3G love for life time. None can avail ths offer except Archana 😛 .Hav heard few things abt ur sissy frm Prem..Nice to read more abt her !!!.


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