The First Time I scored centum in Maths


A whiz kid was born… The heir to the chair left vacant by the mathematical genius Mr.Srinivasa Ramanujam…

Well judging by my future exploits in the field of mathematics it is obvious that it did not quite happen… But still it is one of the fondest memories I have… It is not because of the centum, but what happened after that…

It was more than a decade back when the most important thing for middle class families was the marks of their children(It still is…) My family was no different, I was carrying the dreams and aspirations of an entire household and my crowning moment came when I had got my first ever centum… Ironically I never ever repeated that ‘achievement’ which actually reminds me of something else that is worthy of a separate note altogether.

The actual reason why that centum is so special has got nothing to do with marks or for that matter Education itself.

It was a time when a guy talking to girls was frowned upon by the peer group. It made you look more like a loser than a ‘Playboy’.

It was a time when computers in my school were used for making random turtles move up and down on the screen.

It was the time when I got to know more than just the name of this girl in my class, who was not exactly my best friend but more like a casual acquaintance.

After more than a month of basking in the new found glory at home. Tragedy struck in the form of Maths again. In the next exam, I scored a then lowly 85 (on retrospect, considering the marks I got in my senior classes this should have been celebrated Gangnam style!!!). I was crestfallen to say the least. I know it is too much to digest but it was like I had betrayed the trust of my entire family… (the real reason was that I had exploited my parents’ goodwill to get a whole range of toys and stuff and feared losing them)  

Though I have been blessed with the memory of a goat, I can vividly remember the scenes that followed. I was so sad that I didn’t even have my lunch which trust me is a huge thing for me to sacrifice. I was just sulking in the corner of the corridor and this very girl walks up to me. I suddenly feel the need to exit the scene lest someone sees me talking to a girl.

She walks up to me with a friend of hers, looks at me through probably one of the most beautiful pair of eyes ever and does her best in comforting me. What were the exact things she said or what happened between us after this incident is all foggy and probably irrelevant… but all I know is that she left such an impact on me that talking to girls was never such a big issue again and the fixation I had for her roll number and the admiration I had for her eyes never ceased.


It was a time when the word ‘crush’ meant an orange fizz drink with an uniquely shaped bottle and ‘infatuation’ didn’t quite make the giant strides into our vocabulary. But if this was a different time setting I am pretty convinced that My first ever Centum in Maths gave me

My First Ever Crush


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