The Rain Girl…


I love rain… Anyone who had been chennai in the late nineties would love it especially because of the scarcity of the same… This was a time when I sincerely prayed that one Mr.Ramanan predicts clear skies and very less chance of rainfall because it was unfailingly replaced by dark cloud covers and heavy downpour… Nature was playing percussions across the school…

It was a special day in our school and it rained. Surprisingly it was not the sports day of my school which was our way of pleasing the rain gods, but was PSBB’s answer to “The triwizard tournament”.. The science fest… hosted by Hogwarts PSBB KKNagar…
I always had a love-hate relationship with science… I loved my life and invariably hated science. So I did the right thing and took part in it to avail the free periods that came along with it. Our time was spent in chart preparations and at times looking at the girls walking.around the floor. Just before our snack interval, I saw this senior girl walk by our class. She was not the quintessential(i just love this word) “beauty” but who really can define it. She gave me the first lesson on the topic ‘beauty lies in.the eye of the beholder’…

I just kept on ogling at her till she crossed the door. That was one of my first “azhagula mayangana” moment (Magic moment first sight louuv). She was this petite bespectacled beauty and I returned to my work all dreamy eyed just happy that I got to see her. This same girl floated like a dream after the lunch break and I pushed my luck and ran out of the class to see where she was going. Since my reflex and agility was… Well pretty much non existent, I couldn’t really know where she went. So I returned.back to my chart la margin podra ‘work’.

Finally it was the hari hi om time (evening prayer), after which I see this girl walking past our room again. I was now fully determined to check her out and I literally ran behind her which was and even now is by no means a small achievement. I saw her leaving the school and waiting for her pick up near the gates. I was painting a variety of scenarios in my head that would make me go talk to her without the possible untoward repercussions . I was just dreamily looking at her for fifteen minutes, finally deciding on the best and safest method and walked towards her all happy about my personal awesomeness. At that exact moment, her car had come and she went her way.

Obviously I didn’t lose hope because I knew I would see her again and made a personal vow that i would talk to her for sure. Little did I realise that her getting in the car and leaving would be the last time i saw her. That particular shot was framed in mind and even now i could instagram the same in my head

I never saw her again in all the years I was in PSBB. I always felt that I should have gone and atleast said a hi to her, but perhaps it was all for the best. There was no possible way that memory could be tarnished.

Never before had I run behind a girl, Never before had I stalked a girl from a considerable distance(with no lecherous intention) and never after either…. I have no idea as to who she was, which class she was from and what she did with her life…

 To me she was always the rain girl….


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