I was with my group of friends. I walked into the theatre after going through the various ratings that were given to this movie. They referred to this movie as a blockbuster/money-spinner, gave it quite a few stars and even managed to throw enough rotten tomatoes at it.

The movie got over. Some had left very early, not waiting for the movie to get over(I despised them). Some walked right after that last frame. A few others were looking down searching for their helmets/car keys. Some were discussing the movie while waiting for the credits to scroll down completely

In a not so concealed space, my eyes moved around the entire hall. I was gauging the audience reaction and eavesdropping on their not so quiet discussions. At the same time, I was forming opinions of my own deciding whether the movie worked for me or not.

I found the movie pretty okay and was discussing it with my friends. A very silent few were of my opinion whereas the vociferous others found me illogical and nit-picky. It was not the first time this had happened. I realized that the entire system was flawed and understood that I had to change it.

I conceptualised the Worth-ah No-va system(WNS) then and there.

My friends told me that there was nothing out there as a fair review. But on a previous night, I had caught a glimpse of something. I had been looking for it for long. I went around the world wide web and browsed all the search engines. There was something out there amidst the darkness of a movie hall, something gratifying, something that will not stop until it got a fair review. ME


After enough deliberation and sipping dry the Pepsi, I stood up. I walked towards the exit in ultra slow motion, tilting my hat and scrunching against the light of the alleyway.


P.S. The Hatman has agreed to do the review columns for my blog. In return, all he wanted was no interference on the editing table and a Cream Donut.



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