The time when…. Bhool Gaya

I am a narcissist.

There, I said it. Eventually, someone had to, so yeah I am a narcissist.

I will have to thank Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media. A virtual thumbs up or a big shiny red heart gives me social validation, that satiates my narcissistic self.

Just like an average guy on social network, I regularly post photographs for the aforementioned reasons.   Some wise-ass person once said, “Photographs speak volumes. You just need a good remote”.  I was scrolling through some of my old photos to select one, as a part of the Throwback Thursday series, and just like that I went back in time.  A simple, uncomplicated time called Childhood.

The time, when I was Innocence personified, not that anything has changed now. . . .

The time, when I could dress up as a clown and be a superstar.   Nowadays, it happens the other-way round.

The time, when I was Lord Shiva, Shri Krishna, an elf (yeah, me an elf), a shepherd who witnesses the birth of Jesus Christ and a random narrator donning shoes on my hand (I still don’t get it). Inspite of all this, there weren’t random offended people from a fringe group or the S.P.E.W or the Shoe lobby, suing me or threatening to take away my lunch box if I didn’t cater to their offended sentiments.

The time, when I could wear a pink t-shirt without having to explain my sexual orientation to anyone.

The time, when I could dance with abandon and sing at the top of my voice, without being encouraged to be a part of a random reality show that would enforce the harsh realities of life that I’d face anyway, a good few years down the line.

The time, when getting an audio cassette was the most wonderful thing. Now CDs have become so expensive that it involuntarily promotes piracy

The time, when I could pose topless. Now, well, hmmm . . . . you know…

The time, when even monkey/donkey/pig/dog were swear words.Now even words consisiting of mothers and sisters are convoluted to become unparliamentary.

The time, when Sachin, Dada and Dravid used to play cricket. Now, lesser mortals play the game

The time, when chubby cheeks and an overall roundness were in fashion. Thanks to movies, now they are termed as Fl’abs’, family pack and the like.

The time, when getting Rs 5 was a huge thing. Even now it’s a huge thing, a god-damned Pim Pom costs Rs 5.

The time, when I called all the big guys in my area as uncle. Now, I completely understand their awkwardness and I sincerely apologise. Karma sucks.

The time, when greeting cards and letters were still in circulation. Now it’s all broadcasts and e-cards. People don’t even take time out to personally invite others for their marriages. E-vites might just become the next addition to the Oxford dictionary.

The time, when Internet was used for…… Now, well, hmmm, you know….



Well, looking back at those cuteness personified photos and looking at myself in the mirror now, I can hear a little voice inside my head saying….

“Unna en ellarukkum pidichirukku theriyuma?? Vayasanalum, un azhagum style um innum unna vittu pogala”
[“Do you know why everyone loves you?…However much you have aged, you have not lost your charm and style”]427173_10150588706226447_784090433_n


2 thoughts on “The time when…. Bhool Gaya

  1. Ah, Nostalgia. I could relate to a lot of this. As my favorite quote goes ‘ Day by day nothing seems to change, but pretty soon everything changes’, this is something which has gradually changed that we did not even realize things were changing!

    And the worst part is, you know you are growing old when you look at the current generation and then say ‘ In those days…’ and stop short. Dont we all yearn for those good old day! Wonderful post.


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