E18hteen – 4. Mission Impossible – ‘Dosth’ Protocol

0/18 - Prologue 1/18 - A Walk To Remember 2/18 - You've Got Mail 3/18 - Cast(e)Away 4/18 Mission Impossible - 'Dosth' Protocol "Abhi... I'm no less filmy than you... Rahul was the epitome of everything I needed then. He was a dream and treated me like a princess... Something you failed to do... Repeatedly... …

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Masala Trappings

"Who remembers the second man on moon??" An oft repeated quote in many movies across languages. A quote that magnifies the importance of coming first or in other terms, the significance of a First impression. Though "Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppudi" (How to Mess Up in Love) directed by Balaji Mohan was one of the first short …

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