Hot Water With Hatman – #1

Wikipedia defines an Interview to be a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer to elicit facts or statements from the interviewee.
Since The Hatman doesn’t have the time (contacts) and is extremely busy (watching episodes of Saturday Night Live), he is not in a position to wait for answers from the interviewee (I repeat… He doesn’t know anybody)
Presenting to you…
Once Again . . .
“Hot Water With Hatman” (HWWH)
Version 2.0
A celebrity interview (well….) where the answers are not important (didn’t get any).
Only the seven completely random questions matter (True That)
The One With The Anchorman
I adjusted my hat and had a sip of hot water…
Good Morning fellow Awesomesauce at interviewing (An extended hand that slowly became a Hail gesture) Let’s get down to the interview, we don’t have time to waste (Oh yeah, we still do. You are as jobless as me aren’t you??)
India believes in the jargon ‘Athithi Devo Bhava, so have you ever felt apologetic about being mean and a big bespectacled bully ( The Nation Wants to know 😉 :p )
I have seen your earlier shows where you actually speak softly and break into a smile more often. So when and how did you decide to take on the mantle of the “Angry Young….ish man” of Indian Television??? (I’m on the way of becoming one on Facebook)
You proclaim to know the pulse of the nation and expect all your guests to answer your questions without beating around the bush. So… The Nation wants to know (Probably not…), why don’t you ever respond to the growing criticism against you (your highness)
On a serious note, you are seen as the Thinking Indian’s Sex symbol (I’m seen in a similar vein too ), the nation wants to know (Not exactly), what do you do to remain in that elite list?
Frankly speaking (see what I did there???), you seem to have assumed the position of the nation’s voice, what are the steps you take to preserve your voice that oscillates between the lowest frequency to the frequency where only dogs can hear you??? (Though my very own vocal range is extensive, I’ll refrain from singing. This is a serious show)
Based on our research and extremely reliable sources(LOL… ROFLMAO… K3G.. KHNH…KANK), we know that you are good friends with most of your interviewees ( This seems to be the only thing worst than a FriendZone), how do you still maintain it after berating and insulting them on National television?? (I used fat and girlfriend in one statement and that’s how I ended up having an Ex Girlfriend)
One last question. ‘Dictator’, ‘Chetan Bhagat of Television’, ‘Mean Guy’, ‘Ma, he hurt me’, ‘Messiah’, ‘Sexy’, You’ve got many polarising monikers and nicknames over the years. If you could bestow one on yourself, what would it be?????
(well…… ICYMI… I am Hatman… )

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