Singam 3 – Third time is the (C)Harm

There were people who walked into the theatre expecting nothing novel. There were people who did not expect their minds to get blown by the happenings on screen. There were people who came ready for temporary hearing impairment ring ability for a couple of days after the movie.

All of them were satisfied.

Singam -3 starts off with… (nope, no one cares)

Duraisingam (Surya in a role that he can lion walk /pounce/gallop/leap/lunge through) is made the Deputy Commissioner of Vishakapatnam because the Andhra Pradesh Government felt that their State police was incompetent to crack the one-year-old case of a murdered Commissioner of Police. (The fact that they are releasing it in Telugu shows the tolerance levels of the state of Andhra Pradesh… Jai Andhra Pradesh)

On a personal note, I got the full worth of my money from just one scene in the initial reels of the movie.

The ‘scene’ was so awesome that I couldn’t care less about the poor excuses for a comedy(Soori, I know for a fact that am more funnier than him… even when am sober)  that plagued the screen.

Duraisingam lands in Vishakapatnam Railway Station and has a long drawn fight with a bunch of henchmen. He does away with all of them in ‘Lion-Style’ (The screen lights up and a figure of a golden lion crops up and does things that can be slotted as animal cruelty. Save Lions also.) without caring much about the livelihoods of the people whose stalls he smashes to smithereens. Duraisingam then lunges across a henchman and hits him so hard that he falls on a weighing scale that now read ‘1500’ kg.

A not-so-subtle reference to the most famous dialogue of the Singam series – “Naa ongi adicha ondra ton weight da….” (If I hit you with full severity it will be about 1.5 ton in weight)

I was floored by such a precision showed by the makers of the film. I was sold completely.

I would like to take ‘creative’ liberty and categorise such movies into the #Ishtathukku List.

It basically means the director’s ‘vision’ is limited to a single poem.

I will make a movie.

You will watch  

Don’t ask logic 

Won’t make you stay for long (I know it didn’t rhyme…)

Hari is one of my favourite directors and is extremely smart. When he decided to make Singam into a franchise, he actually chalked out a 6-step-blueprint script that will help everybody even in the far future.

Step 1: Create chaos in some part of India (Preferably places that are dusty, because they look better in action sequences)

Step 2: Send Duraisingam there. (Obviously because he is the Best Cop, the Universal Cop, the Inter-Galactic Cop, the Interstellar cop etc…)

Step 3: Create some sort of problem between him and Anushka Shetty (They are this generation’s Ross and Rachel)

Step 4:  Create an unnecessarily loud, chirpy and completely dispensable heroine (They are to ensure that Singam can give ‘how-to-be-a-good-tamil-ponnu’ advice to his sisters in the audience. Special mention to Shruti Haasan for highlighting the plight of the most criticized profession in the world right now after Donald Trump’s presidency)

Step 5: Have three tiers of villains. One local, one state-wide and one international level. (The time when Duraisingam turns into DORAsingam… #SorryNotSorry)

Step 6: End with a sequence of the Tamil Nadu Home Minister calling Mr.Singam to his office to inform about his next assignment (Further proof that this franchise is our answer to the Bond or Mission Impossible or even the Batman Movies) 

If these steps remind you of Singam 2, don’t worry I am pretty sure it won’t change in Singam 12 too.

The best thing about this franchise is the fact there is never a need for *Spoiler Alerts*.

That’s where the genius of the director comes to the fore. He makes such fast-paced movies that before you can sit back and realise that a particular ‘outwitting-the-villain’ scheme of the police is completely hackneyed, he moves on to the next scene where you are overwhelmed by that flaming container truck that is flying across the skies as if it were a kite.

Oh yeah, the movie is about how an Indian in Australia decides to use India as a waste disposal country for the medical and e-waste from Australia.

I genuinely had goosebumps and flashes of anger when my country was insulted by the villain who hits women (but even he praises Indian husbands for being benevolent to their wives) and had the audacity to call India a ‘dustbin’. (It did more to my nationalism than the  ‘voluntary’ standing for the national anthem)

Yes, Singam is flawed. Heavily.

I found people guffawing every time Surya turned into a lion. I heard twitches and clicking of tongues (Not from the couple in front) whenever Shruti Haasan tries romance and Soori tries comedy.

However what makes viewing such #Ishtathukku movies a bed of roses and thorns is the presence of scenes like the 1.5 Ton weighing scale, flying cars, galloping horses, more flying cars, hordes of policemen walking on the roads of Vizag, thrashing the goons and lodging them in prisons, some more flying cars, big actors in inconsequential roles heaping praises on the bravado of the titular star, a dozen more flying vehicles, the police breaking a leg in an item number while simultaneously breaking the leg of a goon during an investigation(please to see what I did there), flying containers and a lot more noisy blasts.

It is so unfortunate that Harris Jayaraj’s music has brought back the age-old habit of going out for a smoke when the songs crop up.

It is evident that the Singam franchise is where Surya feels at home and his performance speaks volumes. (once again… please to see what I did there)

People can insult the movie, throw brickbats at it, make memes out of it but I am quite surprised by the fact that though I too want to do such things, I seemed to have enjoyed quite a few parts of it and I think that’s where the #HariFanboy in me made his way out.

To sum it all up, I take the help of a friend who broke down and said, “I need to analyse this pattern of self inflicting choices I make in life.


P.S. I did kinda well up when Aachi Manorama revisited the silver screen.


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