Kuttram 23 – Parent Trap

Hollywood loves making movie adaptations of best-selling novels so much that they even source Indian books, makes a movie and hands it an Oscar.

Bollywood chooses Shakespeare or Chetan Bhagat.(wow I never thought I’d use those two names in one sentence)

Tamil movies had Sujatha and movies based on the epics but we always were ignorant to the literary richness and variety the language had to offer. (the translated versions of Bhagat’s books don’t count)

So the director Arivazhagan’s decision to adapt a Rajesh Kumar crime novel comes off as a pleasant detour from the movies that have a ‘story’ only in the credits.

The opening credits in this movie is beautiful. Really beautiful. Gives away the central conceit of the movie. But it is beautiful.

The  movie begins with one murder and one missing case.

Arun Vijay as Vetrimaran ACP is handed the high-profile case of the missing woman and sitting in the office room of his senior Vijaykumar (son-in-law Hari makes him a Home MInister, Son makes him a Commissioner. Vijaykumar is the shizz), makes a connection with the murder case of a church father (he has not even seen either scene of crime or even read the files… but its okay)

Vetrimaran’s family is there for a reason and it is not to be kidnapped and held by the villain to provoke a normal ACP to become an Avenger. (btw, why don’t we have a hero named Ramesh, Suresh or Rajesh anymore…)

The heroine Mahima Nambiar ( thanks to Vijay TV have seen her in Saatai ) is effective in a role that is surprisingly not inconsequential. None of the characters in the movie are inconsequential. Even Thambi Ramaiah who in all his movies keeps me in a constant state of bewilderment over his National Award has a solid scene in the latter stages of the movie where he reminds us that he deserves an Edison Award from time to time.

The movie touted to be a medical crime thriller stays true to its self-imposed genre.

Baradwaj Rangan, the film reviewer once said,”How can you have a conversation about a movie without talking about the plot-line and giving away spoilers”

I like to keep my views on a movie spoiler-free but I’ll have to make an exception here because this movie has a Story.

This movie deals with the now booming business of Assisted Reproduction. It also provides a social narrative about the ways our social system has screwed up all our minds to push women into that ultimate goal prescribed by the “Pakkathu Veetu Gita”: Child Bearing. (Please to get that insanely amazing wordplay)

The amount of research that has gone behind making this movie based on the procedure of artificial insemination is in the words of a friend from this field, “Scarily close to reality”. It might deter a lot of patients or make patients question it a bit more or look at it with even more apprehension. But it had to be said.

It is not easy to make a medical movie without glorifying or bashing the field of medicine. Kudos to the team for successfully walking across this tightrope.

Oh yeah, there is this villain.  Why he is the villain is a major spoiler that I’d avoid giving, not only because I don’t want to but also because it is the shoddiest writing in an otherwise well staged movie.

Vishal Chandrasekhar’s music seamlessly fits in the narrative and there is not a single note that is jarring to the ears ( Singam nostalgia )

Special mention to Bhaskaran (the cinematographer) and the stunt director Stunt Silva. The fight sequences are wow with the camera movements that makes us believe that we are hiding behind a table in a fight sequence and viewing it while scampering for our own life.

Arun Vijay has given it his all. He looks, walks,runs and even jumps like what a guy who has put in enough hours in the gym would do. It is just happenstance that he is a policeman.

Personally I like Arivazhagan’s movies,  it has style and he has constantly mixed up genres with every subsequent film. (A horror-thriller, a sports movie, a serial killer thriller, a medical-crime thriller) Though I believe this is his weakest movie in terms of writing because he relies on coincidences a bit too much, I can’t wait for his next movie because his weakest writing is much more enjoyable than some of the strongest writing I have seen from certain other filmmakers.

The only jarring note in the movie apart from the ‘villain’ is the scene where a character feels bad about not being ‘pure’ to her husband because of a medical procedure. Though I don’t disagree with the fact that she could have felt that way, it does not bode well for the scores of women out there who adopt similar procedures. It could have been avoided.

Just like the movie, I’d end on a similar preachy note with just three points because I am a socially responsible adult (LOL… Jack Preacher… LOL)

  1. How a couple want to have a kid is a personal choice. Be it surrogacy, adoption, artificial insemination. Let’s keep it that way.
  2. Doctors and Parents are not Gods. Don’t keep them on a pedestal so high that they either get the  God-Complex or get the I-can’t-do-any-mistake-so-i-shall-hide-them-Complex.
  3. People…There are enough things plaguing our very own households. Let’s talk to our son/daughter, son-in-law/daughter-in-law, parents etc… Not about them…




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