What do we really want from Rajinikanth?

With the kind of content-driven films that have emerged successful over the past few years, Tamil Cinema seems to clearly be on a path to shrug away the 'star' films. So why does even the most discerning cinema-goer turn the other way when it comes to a template Rajini film?


Seethakaathi Review: Vijay Sethupathi 25 is an outlandish but convincing ode to the magical worlds of cinema and theatre

When Balaji Tharaneetharan made NKPK in 2012 with an outrageous plot, ably supported by a motley group of youngsters lead by Vijay Sethupathi, it was unbelievably fresh and irreverent. Cut to 2018, Balaji returns with his second film, Seethakaathi, but things aren't quite the same now.